Top-of-Mind (TOM) is a milestone in the development of your successful & sustainable business.

In a saturated world of competing offers, TOM is the spontaneous choice that defines the sale. The customer does not have time to explore all the possibilities and chooses only among convenient alternatives in his mind. TOM Target team will help you to be the convenient brand for the convenient customers of your business.

TOM Target?

We invest our expertise in Top-of-Mind (TOM) strategies for sustainable small and niche businesses.

More than 25 years we have been creating and developing brands through effective marketing communications. We invest our energy in comprehensive concepts, process supervision and solution implementation. Our role is to help you launch, refresh and improve your business. We will work as your collaborator for hours, days or months to achieve your goals. We will do it personally, efficiently and expeditiously.



From consultation to implementation

Business survival and development poses increasingly complex tasks in an increasingly complicated environment.
We find solutions in different market situations:
• Audit and expert opinion
• Process supervision
• Implementation of decisions


From strategy to solution

A winning market strategy is a matter of analysis and systematic action according to the situation and resources. We develop your unique market position with different approaches:
• Strategic planning
• Organizational legitimacy
• Brand concept


From the neighborhood to the world

Every business starts from a niche but grows according to the ability to foresee. We help your business to grow with our experience from various industries:
• Product Marketing
• Service Marketing
• Business to Business


From traditional to digital marketing

Technology presents us with more and more opportunities and challenges.
We guarantee your brand consistency in different communication environments with:
• Analysis of dynamics
• Planning and execution
• Design and production


From internal to external communications

Your business depends not only on customers, but also on staff and partners. We develop your brand to different audiences:
• Advertising and infographics
• Relationship management
• Business partnerships and social capital


From content to database

Each content produces data for new content. More and more data and less and less time to make sense of it.
We communicate your brand with a different way of thinking:
• Website and profiles
• Content marketing
• Risk management

TOM team

Achieving Top-of-Mind (TOM) is a process in which TOM Target is your flexible partner.

We are project oriented. We will work by your side, hours, days or months, until we achieve your goals. We form a team according to your assignment. You pay an hourly rate for the work we done. Do you still think that a salaried specialist or commission agency is the best solution for your investments?

We offer a fairer solution.



Develops marketing strategy: market research and analysis, brand positioning, marketing strategy and coomunication concept



Selects, tracks and monitors the performance of suppliers of creative solutions, media communications, production and implementation



Develops creative and technical solutions, design and copywriting, media planning and campaign management.

Before investing significant amounts, time and effort in your marketing, build and validate your strategy with experts. Traditional approaches already cost more and deliver less and less. New approaches have not yet been validated as successful. The market does not wait. What is your proper move? Discuss your ideas with us to prevent some costly mistakes before they happen.

The sense of fragmentation and lost control over your marketing is often the outcome of the absence of a system. The existence of structured processes, tasks and references takes stress away and increases productivity. If you need a multidisciplinary partner, trust one of our experts and you can rest assured that none of your priorities will be shadowed by daily tasks.

Are you stuck in the „same old“ that is always a pinch away from the incredible leap to the goal. Your experience is a wonderful ally, but it is also a wonderful source of bias and prejudices. We can help you, no matter if you are stuck or you simply need to make sure that you are not lagging behind. A new way of looking at your situation will freshen up your knowledge and actions.

Marketing keeps evolving. What does your marketing specialist do? Does he rely indifferently on his old reflexes or headlong on his youthful ambitions? Do you believe that you have the best that can do all tasks and master all innovations? Let us activate marketing in the right direction for you. We will work with your specialist on the important issues or for him on the minor tasks.

Don’t expect a result from either „tell me what to do“ or „don’t tell me what to do.“ We are not craftsmen, nor a big agency. Our experience in the corporate world has taught us project work with a result orientation. We formulate the tasks and form the right team of profiled specialists. We work and are responsible for our decisions. This makes us efficient and adaptable to your bundle of needs.

Before deciding where you want to go, you need to know where you are and what resources your journey requires. We will analyze your market position and marketing policy and give you a picture of the real situation and perspective. After this review, you will be able to establish on your own or with us the priorities to pursue. Our audit puts you in the right direction. Together with your team, we will put the winning plan into action.

Entrepreneurs are constantly trapped by this dilemma: whether to go for long-term objectives that will develop their business and/or to take specific short-term measures to generate quick profits. We are convinced that these two are not incompatible, indeed, we shall work with you to simultaneously achieve both objectives. No strategy will prove successful, if it does not turn into a process. We do not find it all that difficult to structure resources and manage interactions.

Working without a plan & system leaves you in the hands of chance. Having to revise everything at every convenience or emergency gets you nowhere. Without stopping short-term execution, we’ll help you see strategically. Together we can build an operational business management system to help you make case-by-case decisions in perspective.

How small is your assignment? Even when we distribute advertising materials to your stores we evaluate their commercial potential, we can see if your promotions are suited to their purpose, we evaluate your competitiveness. We are thus able to present you with both a report of the completed assignment and a strategy to improve your placement and enhance your commercial efforts. Now, are you really going to give this assignment to the cheapest provider?!

Do you really have the time and resources to evaluate an offer? Or you will simply accept it because it is cheap. Which are the 50% of your money that you throw away? How many birds will you hit with one stone? Do you perceive your communication as costs, not as investments? We are grieved to see how petty tricks lead to a waste of money and opportunities. You can contact us even just to evaluate an offer.

A strong brand is an asset. Does your brand sell well? We will provide you with expertise in developing your brand and will help you create and redesign your corporate image starting from your logo and moving towards visual platforms, including any graphic standards. Our team of strategists and creative professionals will skilfully come up with a name for your brand and will manage all of your corporate communications.

The evolution of your name as an employer, provider or client matters just as much in the never ceasing competition for resources. Building a reputation for your company will pay off. Being a famous company facilitates the work of your representatives, simplifies recruitment, facilitates negotiations with suppliers and improves your relationships with institutions. We can help you tell your stories and dreams.

Outdated PowerPoint presentations, forms and references are a good excuse for poor salesmen. It is about time you gave up inefficient means of monitoring the success of your business. Speed things up with records that not just reflect your sales but also let you analyse and invest efforts in generating the desired WOW effect. We speak the language of numbers and can produce tables that display solutions.

Your communications are important but internal communications are essential. Internal communications boost productivity and loyalty of your employees who are your brand ambassadors. Provide your team with communication means that will allow them to learn more, to discuss and react and your business will thrive. We can offer unconventional solutions to hear the inner voice of your company.

No life is perfect. Sometimes things go wrong, intentionally or not, and the fault may be yours or of some of your employees, your suppliers or partners, or you may simply come across a surly client. There will always be those who are dissatisfied with pretty much anything but it is up to your crisis communication to determine how loud and how long the dissatisfied might yell. Make communications a major component of risk management and we will help you foresee and react in unfortunate situations.

Do you know who your fans and opponents are? What does it take for you to attract a new client and how many efforts do you shed to keep the profitable clients? Successful marketing builds upon adequate communication with customers. It is not only need and sex that lead to sales, customers invest in brands they can trust. We are capable of selecting your audience and make them advocates of your brand.


Customers are increasingly hard to win. We have an endless reserve of imagination and analytic capabilities. No matter if the approaches in question are standard or non-conventional, all options for developing and strengthening brand awareness are on the list. But before you rush for the modern concepts of penetration into the mind and lives of your customers, let’s check how appropriate and efficient they actually are.

Your online presence is mandatory but this is not the only way to promote the popularity of your brand. Customers use your brand in real life. Weave your brand into their day-to-day life. We will help you choose the best possible solutions, even among the free communication options, we will combine them depending on your identity, goal and budget.

We already live on the Internet. Content creation, SEO optimized content and content distribution in social media are the keys to building a brand. In the vast void of the Internet it is hardly enough to develop a website and make Facebook posts. Success lies in the management of your digital communications. We are ready to meet your minor needs and help you with the overall process.

An increasing number of communication channels and methods are booming and are making marketing even more bewildering. To show your image with the most appropriate communication approaches in various platforms is an important step that will be appreciated by your sales agents, your customers and even by the bank you have applied for a loan with. We create the mix of media and messages that will render your communications coherent, significant and influential.

The internet has made us information gluttons. Are you in the feed? What’s the latest news on your site or profile? Online content is the best strategy and riskiest game if you neglect content marketing. Even worse if you think anyone can do it. For our team, content management means developing your brand concept in line with your marketing strategy.

Are you talking about business development while your clients are looking for how to handle a crisis? Digital marketing success is based on the ability to understand both the machine and the human. The digital advertising we offer is based on statistics, but also on understanding. We understand the problems, interests and references that mater to your potential and real customers. And your unique imprint is a must.

Everyone is in a hurry to become famous. Before you invest in a brand campaign, make sure your corporate image is credible. Less familiar brands can change the settings to their placements without being noticed. Once you shout loudly, it’s hard to erase the feeling of it. Take a look at yourself in our mirror before you go on stage.

Social networks are a place for interaction. Are you still relying on template advertising? Your unique handwriting is recommended. Being responsive is a must-have component. Managing reviews and comments will pay you more than the paid effort. Top of mind content may be offered only by experienced professionals. Trust our team to upbuild your brand  personality and devote to what matters most in your business.

How much have you invested so far in the “trial-error” method? Presence is not enough. Let’s make the most of all resources of your presence. We will help you establish authority and generate trust by applying a systemic approach in your overall marketing – we will create structure for what is available and will categorize the potential availabilities. We will not only show you the way, we will accompany you in the process until you start achieving specific results.

The globalization did not fail to globalize the creative approach. Adapting an ad is a delicate matter. New Year’s promises or wishes?! Back to class or back in class?! You may not think about the difference, but it subconsciously influences the choice. We will keep the meaning but find the exact expression that sells more.

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