Top-of-Mind (TOM) is milestone for developing sustainable & successful business

In this oversaturated world of competitive offers, TOM is the spontaneous choice that determines sales. The client does not have time to explore all the possibilities. The client chooses only among the convenient alternatives in his mind. We, the team of TOM Target will help you to be the convenient brand for the convenient clients of your business.

TOM Target?

We invest our expertise in TOM strategies for sustainable small and niche businesses

More than 25 years we create and develop brands throught effective marketing communications. We put our energy in overall concepts, process supervision and implementation of decisions. Our role is to help you start, refresh and improve your business. We will work as your collaborator for hours, days or months to achieve your goals. We will do it personally, efficiently and expeditiously.



Consultation to implementation

The survival and development of business puts more complex tasks in an increasingly complicated environment.
We find solutions in different market situations with:
• Audit and expert opinion
• Process supervision
• Implementation of decisions


Strategy to decision

Winning market strategy is a matter of analysis and systematic action according to the situation and resources. We develop your unique market position with different approaches:
• Strategic planning
• Organizational legitimacy
• Brand concept


Neineighborhood to the world

Every business starts from a niche, but develops according to its ability to foresee. We are growing your business with our experience from various industries:
• Product marketing
• Marketing services
• Business to business


Traditional to digital marketing

Technology serves us more opportunities and challenges.
We guarantee the consistency of your brand in different communication channels with:
• Dynamics analysis
• Planning and implementation
• Design and production


Internal to external communications

Your business depends on your customers, but also on your staff, partners and suppliers. We develop your brand to different audiences.
• Info materials, PR and ads
• Relationship Management
• Business partnerships and social capital


Content to databases

Every content produces data for new content. More and more data, less and less time to time to make sense of them. We communicate your brand with different vision for the processes.
• Website and profiles
• Content marketing
• Risk management

Our team

The achievement of Top-of-Mind brand is a process during which TOM Target is your flexible partner.

We are project oriented team. We will work as your collaborator for hours, days or months to achieve your goals. We gather a team according to your assignment. You pay an hourly fee for the work done. Do you still think that employee wage or agency commission is the best solution?

We propose a fairer solution.




Develops marketing strategy: market research, analysis and positioning, brand strategy and communication concept.



Selects, supervises and controls providers of creative solutions, media communications, production and sales



Develops creative and technical solutions, design and copyright, media planning and campaign management.

Before investing money, time and effort in your marketing, build and validate your strategy with experts. Traditional approaches now cost more and give less. The new approaches have not yet been validated as successful. The market is not waiting. What is your correct move? Discuss your ideas with us to prevent some costly mistakes before they occur.

The feeling of fragmentation and loss of control over your marketing is often the result of a lack of a system. Structuring processes, tasks, and reports removes stress and increases productivity. If you have a lot of noise in the system, trust our expert. Be sure that none of your priorities will be overwhelmed by daily tasks.

Don’t you have the feeling of the man, who still lacks a pinch of audacity to make a quality leap to the goal? Your experience is a valuable ally, but also a great source of bias and prejudice. We can help you, whether you’re stuck or just make sure you’re not lagging behind. A side view of your situation will refresh your knowledge and actions.

Marketing continues to evolve. What does your marketing employee? Does he rely on his old reflexes or his young ambitions? Do you believe that you have the best that can complete all the tasks and master all the innovations? Let’s activate marketing in the right direction for you. We will work with your specialist on important issues or instead on minor tasks.

Don’t expect a result from either „tell me what to do“ or „don’t tell me what to do.“ We are not craftsmen or a big agency. Experience in the corporate world has taught us a project organization with effective orientation. We formulate the tasks and form the right team of closely profiled specialists. We work and are responsible for our decisions. This makes us efficient and adaptable to your measure.

Before you decide where you want to go, you need to know where you are and what resources your journey requires. We will analyze your market position and marketing policy and give you a picture of the real situation and perspective. After this review, you will be able to identify for yourself or with us the priorities to pursue. Our audit puts you in the right direction. Together with your team we will implement the winning plan.

Entrepreneurs are a constant captive of the dilemma: to pursue long-term goals to grow the business and / or take action in the short term to generate quick profits. We believe it is not incompatible. In fact, we will work with you to achieve both goals at the same time. No strategy will succeed if it does not become a process. Structuring resources and managing interactions is not too complicated for us.

You put yourself in the hands of chance if you work without a systematic plan. Having to reconsider everything in every convenient or urgent case leads to nowhere. We will help you to foresee in a strategic plan, without stopping the short-term implementation. We can together build a system for operational business management, which will help you to make decisions for the specific case in the future.

How small is your order? Even while delivering advertising materials to your stores, we estimate their commercial potential, see the suitability of your promotion, evaluate your competitiveness. We can provide you with both a report on the completed order and a strategy to improve your positioning and trading efforts. Are you going to asign this order to the cheapest contractor ?!

Do you really have the time and resources to evaluate an offer? Or you will accept it only because it is at a low price. Are you wasting or saving money? How many rabbits can you hit with one shot? We are sad to see your money being wasted and opportunities missed. You can even contact us to evaluate an offer.

A strong brand is an asset that worths more than your day-to-day business. We provide expertise in creating and developing a brand. We will generate a name, logo, slogan, vision and messages. We will help you create and refresh your corporate image on any visual platforms from site to internet. Our team of specialists is able to maintain all your corporate communication.

Your developing as an employer, supplier and customer is important in the ongoing competition for resources. Building a reputation for your company pays off. Well known company helps your representatives to work, simplifies recruitment, facilitates negotiations with suppliers, and improves your relationships with institutions. We will help you tell your story and dreams.

Outdated presentations, forms and references are a good excuse for bad sellers. It’s time to give up the ineffective tracking tools in your company. Raise the pace with documentation that not only identifies your sales, but also allows you to analyze your efforts for the desired effect. We understand the language of numbers and can create tables that show solutions.

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External communications are not just advertising and PR, but every contact with your brand. Your employees are ambassadors of your brand. What is the cost of a new customer? What is the cost of a lost customer? Allow your employees and customers to do more for your business. We will offer ways to hear the inner voice of your business. You will be surprised how many missed opportunities there are.

There are no sinless ones. Sometimes things go wrong unwittingly, by you, your employees, your suppliers and partners. There will always be dissatisfied customers, but how loud and long they shout depends on your crisis communications. Include communications as a key tool in risk management, and we will help you anticipate and react in unpleasant situations.

Do you know who your fans and opponents are? How much does it cost you to attract a new customer and how hard do you try to keep the customers you profit from? How many of them did you say hello to? Successful marketing is built on adequate communication with consumers. It’s not just fear and sex that sells. Consumers choose brands they trust. We know how to select and make your audience empathetic to your brand.

Consumers are becoming increasingly difficult to attract and retain. We have an infinite supply of imagination and analyticalness. Whether it is a standard or non-standard approach, all the options for establishing Top-Of-Mind brand are on the menu. Before we rush into, let’s analyze feasibility and effectiveness of the modern concepts for penetrating your target customers minds.

Your online presence is a must, but it’s not the only way to increase brand awareness. Consumers use your brand in real life. Involve your brand in their daily routine through traditional media and approaches. We will help you make the best choice of options, even among the free communication options, we will combine them with each other and according to your identity, purpose and budget.

We are increasingly living in the Internet. How do you manage your digital communications? In the abyss of the Internet, it is not enough to create a website and social newtwork account. Creating content from website to feed, its optimization and distribution on social media, answers to questions and comments are the keys to the your brand success. We can meet your digital needs and help you with the whole process.

The abundance of communication channels and methods makes marketing efforts even more confusing. Showing your brand with the right communication approaches on different platforms is appreciated by your consumers, contractors and even the bank you work with. We can manage your communication mix in a coherent and influential way.

The Internet has made us greedy for information. Are you in the feed? What’s the latest news on your website or social profile? Online presence is the best strategy and the most risky game if you neglect content marketing. Even worse, if you think anyone can do it. For our team, content management means developing your brand concept in line with your marketing strategy.

Are you talking about development while your clients are looking for ways to deal with a crisis? The success of digital marketing is based on the ability to understand both the machine and the person. The digital advertising we offer is based on statistics, but also on understanding. We understand the issues, interests and references that are important to your potential and real customers.

Everyone is in a hurry to become famous. Before investing in a brand awareness campaign, you need to make sure that it is trustworthy. The advantage of the little-known ones is that they can readjust their positioning without being noticed. Once you put a label on yourself, removing it is a complicated and expensive operation. Look in our mirror before you go on stage.

Social networks are a place for interaction. Do you still rely only on template advertising? Your unique handwriting is recommended. being responsive is a must. Our managing of feedback and comments will pay you off. We will take care to learn more and gather ideas for improving and developing your brand and business.

How much have you invested in the trial-and-error method? Being present is not enough. Let us use all the resources of your presence. We will help you establish your authority by applying a systematic approach to your overall marketing. We will structure the available and categorize the potential. We will not only guide you, but we will also accompany you in the process of results achieving.

The consolidation of the business did not fail to consolidate the creative approach. Adapting advertising is a thin point. New Year’s promises or wishes?! You may not think about the difference, but it subconsciously influences the choice. We will keep the meaning, but we will find the exact expression that sells more.

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